Top-Notch Stone Materials for Your Needs

At Dingmans Ferry Stone, you'll find all the aggregate materials you need for your landscaping or other DIY project. If you are building a stone wall, laying pavers, lining ditches, or have some other need for crushed stone materials, count on us to provide what you're looking for!

Penndot Approved Stone or Aggregate Matter

  • 1A - half inch mix stone
  • 1B stone (gravel) - 3/8"
  • 2A modified stone - 3/4" mix
  • 2B stone - 3/4" clean drainage stone
  • Two's and three's - 2-3" drainage or base stone
  • Fine gravel - Anti-skid or deicing
  • Rip-rap stone - good for lining ditches
  • Boulders - 3-5' and other varying sizes
  • Decorative stone - red, white
  • River rock
  • 3A - 3" (and smaller) stone
  • #10 stone - stone dust
Stone Materials

Choose Our Pickup or Delivery Services

You'll find options for both pickup and delivery services at Dingmans Ferry Stone. If you are looking for delivery services, be aware that materials are delivered by the ton or yard. If you are more of a DIYer, pickup services are also available, and we'll help you load your purchase into your vehicle!
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Filters or geotextile fabrics are available in various lengths and widths at Dingmans Ferry Stone!
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